Who Owns Valley Forge Casino Resort

Picture a glittering palace, beckoning you to come and enjoy the luxurious gaming experience of Valley Forge Casino Resort. Owned by Penn National Gaming, this resort offers a vast selection of slots, table games, and world-class dining.

Discover the secrets of the casino’s success and learn about its current revenues and profits.

Key Takeaways

  • The current owner of Valley Forge Casino Resort is Penn National Gaming.
  • Previous owners of the resort include Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT), Valley Forge Convention Center Partners, LP, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., and Valley Forge Casino Resort, LLC (a subsidiary of Pinnacle Entertainment).
  • The ownership timeline of Valley Forge Casino Resort spans from 1984 to the present.
  • Penn National Gaming acquired the resort in 2018.

Current Owner: Penn National Gaming

You may be wondering about the history of ownership of Valley Forge Casino Resort. The story begins with Penn National Gaming, who currently own the resort.

However, before that, there were several other owners who shaped the development and history of Valley Forge Casino Resort. Let’s take a look at the timeline of ownership to get a better understanding of how the resort changed over time.

Historical Ownership Timeline

Starting in 1984, Valley Forge Casino Resort has changed hands multiple times over the years.

In 1984, the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) acquired the land and proposed expansion plans.

In 2001, the casino was purchased by Valley Forge Convention Center Partners, LP, who operated the casino for two years.

In 2003, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. took ownership and operated it until 2010.

From 2010 to 2018, ownership of the casino belonged to Valley Forge Casino Resort, LLC, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Entertainment.

In 2018, Penn National Gaming, Inc. acquired the casino and is its current owner.

Gaming Experience at Casino

When it comes to gambling at Valley Forge Casino Resort, you have a lot of options. Whether you’re looking to spin the slots or take a seat at the tables, the casino floor has something for everyone.

Plus, you can take advantage of the exciting promotions and bonuses available, or join the exclusive VIP program for even more rewards.

With so many great options, Valley Forge Casino Resort is an ideal destination for a thrilling gaming experience.

Slots & Tables

Try your luck at Valley Forge Casino Resort’s wide selection of Slots & Tables! From classic favorites like blackjack and roulette to the latest and hottest slots, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you’ll get free drinks while playing, plus player rewards to sweeten the deal.

Here are the Slots & Tables you can enjoy:

  • Slots

  • Classic Slots

  • Video Slots

  • Video Poker

  • Tables

  • Blackjack

  • Roulette

  • Craps

  • Baccarat

Come to Valley Forge Casino Resort and enjoy the thrill of Slots & Tables! With free drinks and player rewards, you can’t go wrong.

Promotions & Bonuses

Take advantage of the great promotions and bonuses at the Valley Forge Casino Resort and get even more out of your gaming experience!

Providing value, the casino offers a variety of value added bonuses, from free play to various discounts. Their promotional packages are tailored to provide customers with the best gaming experience possible.

Whether you are a high roller or just looking for a night out, there is something for everyone. Enjoy special events, giveaways, and exclusive offers.

With these bonuses and promotions, you can get the most out of your visit to the Valley Forge Casino Resort. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

VIP Programs

The Valley Forge Casino Resort offers exclusive VIP programs to reward customers for their loyalty and frequent play. At the Diamond Club, customers can earn points for every dollar they spend that can be redeemed for rewards like luxury suites and free meals. Customers can also invite a friend to join the club and earn even more points for their play.

As players reach certain thresholds, they get access to more exclusive benefits like priority access to the Valley Forge Casino Resort’s special events and promotions, as well as invites to exclusive parties and tournaments.

There are many great benefits and rewards available to customers who join the Valley Forge Casino Resort’s VIP program.

Current Revenues & Profits

Valley Forge Casino Resort’s current revenues and profits are a topic of curiosity. The casino resort has experienced significant growth since its opening in 2012, attracting millions of visitors annually. It is no surprise that Valley Forge Casino Resort has become one of the area’s premier gaming destinations. Here are some of the benefits that make it a great place to visit:

  • Free parking: Visitors have plenty of free parking options available.
  • Dining options: From casual to upscale, there is something to satisfy every palate.
  • Entertainment: Live shows, comedy performances, and special events are held throughout the year.
  • Rewards programs: VIP members receive exclusive discounts and rewards for their loyalty.

All of these factors contribute to the casino’s success, resulting in strong revenue and profits. Valley Forge Casino Resort is an excellent destination for those seeking a fun and entertaining experience.