Who Owns Trump Casino in Las Vegas

You’ve heard of Las Vegas, the bright and bustling city of entertainment and excitement. And you’ve heard of the Trump Casino, the luxurious and renowned hotel-casino. But have you ever wondered who owns this amazing establishment?

Well, the answer is a billionaire – a very lucky and successful one! Let’s take a closer look at the Trump Casino in Las Vegas and explore who owns it and the profits it brings in.

Key Takeaways

  • Historically, the casino has been owned by billionaires such as Donald Trump, Carl Icahn, and Phil Ruffin.
  • Currently, the casino is owned by a billionaire.
  • Ownership of the Trump Casino in Las Vegas has changed over the years.
  • The casino has been a major financial boon for the city.

Current Owner: Billionaire

You may be wondering who owns the Trump Casino in Las Vegas. Historically, the casino has been owned by billionaires.

Currently, the casino is owned by a billionaire, so you can be sure it is in good hands. The Trump Casino in Las Vegas is a great example of the power of billionaires and the success they can achieve.

Historical Ownership: Billionaires

Notably, billionaires have owned Trump Casino in Las Vegas over the years. The luxurious experience they provide to their guests has been a major financial boon to the city, as well as a huge draw for high-rollers.

The casino has been in the hands of a number of billionaires throughout its history, including Donald Trump, who bought the property in 1996. Following Trump’s purchase, he upgraded the casino to a five-star experience, with the highest quality gaming and luxury amenities.

The casino has also been owned by Carl Icahn, who purchased it in 2016, and moved it to the top of the list of highest-grossing casinos in the city. Icahn has also made significant investments in the casino, further increasing its appeal to high-rollers.

The casino has also been owned by Phil Ruffin, who purchased it in 2020. Ruffin has also made significant investments in the casino, ensuring that it remains a top destination for those looking for a luxury experience.

Location of Casino

You’re looking for information on the location of the Trump Casino in Las Vegas. Well, this casino is located right on the Strip, so you won’t have to look far for it.

It’s quite large, too, so it won’t be hard to find. Accessing the casino is also easy, so you don’t have to worry about being turned away.

In short, the Trump Casino in Las Vegas is conveniently located, easy to access, and large enough that you won’t miss it.

Location: Strip

The Trump Casino in Las Vegas is located on the iconic Strip. This location has experienced a number of changes in ownership over the years, and the current status of the casino is defined by its privatization and ownership change.


  • The privatization of the Trump Casino has allowed it to become a more profitable business.
  • This has allowed for improvements to be made in the hotel and gaming facilities, as well as the overall design of the casino.

Ownership Change

  • The ownership change has allowed for a more diverse set of individuals to become involved with the casino.
  • This has created a more inclusive atmosphere, which has been beneficial for the casino’s ability to attract new customers.


  • The Trump Casino in Las Vegas has been able to survive and thrive in its current location due to the privatization and ownership change it has experienced.
  • This has enabled the casino to remain a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Size: Large

At nearly 70,000 square feet, the Trump Casino is one of the largest casinos on the Strip. It boasts a massive selection of gaming machines, ranging from classic slots to the latest video games.

Plus, it offers a customer loyalty program to reward frequent visitors, as well as a bevy of restaurant options to please everyone’s palate. But that’s not all – VIP services are also available, providing guests with an unforgettable experience.

From luxurious suites to special events, the Trump Casino is sure to please all tastes. And with its large size, guests are sure to find something to keep them entertained for hours.

Access: Easy

You’ll find it easy to get to the Trump Casino, located just off the Las Vegas Strip. The casino is easily accessible by both private and public transportation, so you don’t have to worry about renting a car or figuring out the right bus route. Plus, there’s a valet service available for those who don’t want to park their car.

The casino’s easy accessibility has a positive financial impact on the local economy. Visitors can easily get to and from the casino, which allows them to spend more time and money in the area. This, in turn, benefits businesses located in the area, as well as the local government.

The casino’s easy accessibility also has an environmental impact. By providing a range of transportation options, the casino reduces the number of cars on the road, which helps reduce air pollution and helps conserve energy.

Advantages Disadvantages
Financial Impact Cost of Transportation
Environmental Impact Lack of Privacy

Current Profits of Casino

Profits from Trump Casino in Las Vegas have been declining. Trump Entertainment Resorts, the company that owns the casino, has been struggling to make ends meet due to mounting debt and state taxes. Trump Entertainment Resorts has been unable to keep up with the rising cost of staff wages and other operational costs.

As a result, Trump Casino has had to reduce the number of employees and even shut down some of its gaming machines. This has affected the overall profitability of the casino and has led to a decrease in revenue. Despite this, Trump Casino still remains one of the most popular gaming destinations in Las Vegas.

Trump Entertainment Resorts has been attempting to find ways to increase profits by introducing new gaming technologies and implementing new marketing strategies. The company has also been looking into new partnerships with other casinos and resorts in the area. However, these efforts have yet to pay off and the casino is still struggling to make a profit.

It remains to be seen if Trump Casino will be able to turn its fortunes around and become profitable again in the near future.