Who Owns the Star Casino Sydney

Do you ever wonder who owns the Star Casino Sydney? You’re not alone. With its world-class facilities and luxurious amenities, the Star Casino is one of the most sought-after destinations in Sydney. In fact, it generated over $1 billion in revenue last year!

But who owns this impressive establishment? The answer is Crown Resorts, a multi-billion dollar company that’s been running the show since 2013.

So the next time you’re in Sydney, make sure you check out the Star Casino and find out why it’s so popular.

Key Takeaways

  • The Star Casino Sydney is currently owned by Crown Resorts, which has owned the casino since 2013.
  • The casino is licensed by the New South Wales government to ensure compliance with gaming regulations.
  • The casino offers world-class facilities, luxurious amenities, and a wide variety of gambling options, including slot machines, poker rooms, and table games.
  • The Star Casino Sydney is owned by The Star Entertainment Group, a publicly traded company, and reported revenue of $1.6 billion in FY2020, with strategic partnerships and loyalty programs contributing to its profits.

Current Owner: Crown Resorts

You may be curious about who currently owns the Star Casino Sydney. The answer to this is Crown Resorts.

However, this is not the only entity that has had a hand in the ownership and licensing of the Star Casino Sydney.

You’ll want to learn more about the historical ownership and licensing of the Star Casino Sydney to understand the current state of affairs.

Historical Ownership & Licensing

The Historical Ownership & Licensing of the Star Casino Sydney is an interesting topic to explore. It has had a long history of different owners, with each coming with its own unique gaming licenses.

The original owners of the casino were the operators of the now defunct Sydney Harbor Casino, but it has since gone through several changes in ownership. One of the most notable changes was when Tabcorp acquired the property in 1999. This saw an expansion of gaming and entertainment options, as well as the addition of a new VIP area.

The current owner, Crown Resorts, acquired the casino in 2013 and has since invested in its continued growth and development.

The Star Casino Sydney continues to be licensed by the New South Wales government, ensuring it meets all gaming regulations.

Amenities of Casino

You can experience it all at The Star Casino Sydney!

With an incredible variety of gambling options, amazing dining experiences, and incredible entertainment events, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you want to take your chances at the tables, enjoy a delicious meal, or experience a show, The Star has it all.

So come on down and see why The Star Casino Sydney is the perfect destination for a truly unforgettable experience.

Gambling Options

Star Casino Sydney offers a variety of gambling options. From slot machines to poker rooms, you’ll find it all. Whether you’re a novice or a high roller, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

Here’s a look at what Star Casino Sydney offers:

  1. Slot Machines: With over 2,000 slot machines, you’ll have plenty of chances to hit the jackpot.

  2. Poker Rooms: If you’re looking for a little more challenge, Star Casino Sydney offers plenty of poker rooms.

  3. Table Games: Roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are just a few of the many table games you can enjoy.

No matter what your preference, you’ll find something to suit your needs at Star Casino Sydney. Come and join the fun!

Dining Experiences

At Star Casino Sydney, you can experience a wide range of dining experiences, from upscale restaurants to casual eateries. There are a variety of fine dining restaurants, including ones run by celebrity chefs. Enjoy exquisite dishes from the likes of Chase Kojima, Andy Allen, and many more.

The casino also has a selection of casual eateries, offering a range of cuisines from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a special night out, there’s something for everyone.

And if you’re feeling lucky, you can try your hand at the tables while you eat. Star Casino Sydney has you covered for all your dining needs.

Entertainment Events

From live music performances to comedy shows and more, Star Casino Sydney offers a wide array of entertainment events sure to keep you entertained. Enjoy a night of glitz and glamour at the iconic casino with a variety of live music, nightlife, and other entertainment events.

Live Music Nightlife Glamour
Jazz Bands Bars VIP Lounges
DJs Clubs Red Carpet Events
Acoustic Music Karaoke Dazzling Lights

At the Star Casino Sydney, you can find events for all tastes and occasions. Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or a romantic getaway, you can be sure to find something to suit your needs. So come on down and experience the thrilling entertainment events the Star Casino Sydney has to offer!

Current Revenue & Profits

You may be wondering what the current revenue and profits of the Star Casino Sydney are.

The Star Casino Sydney is owned by The Star Entertainment Group, a publicly traded company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

The Star Entertainment Group reported revenue of $1.6 billion in FY2020, a decrease of 16.4 percent from the previous year. Net profit for FY2020 was $105.3 million, a substantial decrease of 77.2 percent from FY2019.

The Star Entertainment Group has been investing in responsible gaming initiatives and in the entertainment and hospitality sector, and these financial investments have been a major contributor to the company’s overall success.

The Star Casino Sydney also continues to benefit from its strategic partnerships with various entertainment companies, which has helped to increase its revenue and profits. Additionally, the casino has been successful in attracting new customers through its loyalty programs.

With these factors in mind, the Star Casino Sydney is well-positioned to continue its success in the years to come.