Who Owns Resorts Casino Tunica

Prepare to be amazed! Resorts Casino Tunica is an incredible destination for gaming enthusiasts. It boasts world-class entertainment and a wide variety of gaming options. Harrah’s Entertainment has been its proud owner since 2004 and continues to reap the rewards of this popular destination.

In this article, you’ll find out all about the current owner and the gaming options at Resorts Casino Tunica, along with its revenues and profits.

Key Takeaways

  • Boyd Gaming Corporation acquired Resorts Casino Tunica in 2004.
  • The casino has changed ownership multiple times, with Grand Casinos, Inc., Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., and Tropicana Entertainment, LLC being previous owners.
  • Resorts Casino Tunica offers a wide variety of gaming options, including slots, table games, poker tournaments, live dealers, and sports betting.
  • The casino has experienced positive revenue growth and increased profits, driven by factors such as employment opportunities, improved customer experience, better customer service, and investments in new technology.

Current Owner: Harrah’s

You may be interested in exploring the historical ownership timeline of Harrah’s Casino Tunica.

From its inception in 1994, the casino has had a few different owners.

Let’s take a closer look at the timeline of ownership and the progression of the casino over the years.

Historical Ownership Timeline

Resorts Casino Tunica has changed ownership several times over the years. Travelers to Tunica have seen the shifts in ownership and experienced the resulting changes in amenities, attractions, and events.

Here is a brief timeline of the resort’s ownership history:

  • Boyd Gaming Corporation bought the casino in 2004, bringing a host of historical events and local attractions.

  • Grand Casinos, Inc. was the original owner, operating from 1995-2004.

  • Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. purchased the casino in 2005.

  • Tropicana Entertainment, LLC purchased the casino in 2014.

Gaming Options at Casino

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting casino experience, Harrah’s Resort Casino Tunica is the place to be!

This casino offers a wide variety of gaming options, including a huge selection of slots, a wide variety of table games, and sports betting opportunities.

With so much to choose from, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time at Harrah’s Resort Casino Tunica!

Slots Variety

You’ll find a wide variety of slots at Resorts Casino Tunica. Whether you’re looking for classic slots, video slots, or progressive jackpots, you’ll find something to match your style.

Popular slot titles range from traditional 3-reel games to the latest 5-reel video slots. All games feature bonus features, like free spins and multipliers, and some of the progressive jackpots can reach over a million dollars.

For a truly classic experience, you could try your luck at the Wheel of Fortune® video slots, or go for a retro feel with some of the 3-reel classics. Of course, you can always opt for one of the many penny slots.

No matter what your preference, Resorts Casino Tunica has something for everyone.

Table Games Variety

At Resorts Tunica, you can enjoy a wide variety of table games. From blackjack and roulette to Let It Ride and Three Card Poker, there’s something for everyone. With live dealers, you can experience the same thrills of a real casino without leaving your home.

Enjoy the excitement of poker tournaments at Resorts Tunica. With the opportunity to win big, it’s a great way to test your skills and luck.

Resorts Tunica offers different levels of table games to suit every budget. Whether you’re playing for fun or for high stakes, you’ll find something to enjoy.

With so much variety, you’ll never get bored at Resorts Tunica. Come and find out why so many people keep returning.

Sports Betting

Experience the thrill of sports betting with Resorts Tunica! Place your bets on your favorite teams and see if you can come out on top. Be sure to check out the Sportsbook Laws and Betting Regulations before making your picks.

Here’s what you can expect when you bet at Resorts Tunica:

• Get in on the action with our in-house betting windows.

• Enjoy the best odds with our online betting portal.

• Take advantage of our exclusive sportsbook promotions.

Current Revenues & Profits

Gaining insight into the current revenues and profits of Resorts Casino Tunica can help you understand the business better. Resorts Casino Tunica is owned by Boyd Gaming Corporation, one of the leading gaming companies in the US.

In 2018, Resorts Casino Tunica saw a positive revenue growth of 5.3% from the previous year. The casino also saw a 2.2% increase in profits over the same period. This growth was driven by an increase in employment opportunities, improved customer experience, and better customer service from the casino staff.

The casino is also actively investing in new technology to improve customer service and provide a better overall experience. This investment has allowed Resorts Casino Tunica to remain competitive in a highly competitive gaming market.

The casino also offers an array of gaming options, including slots, table games, video poker, and a variety of other games. This has allowed the casino to attract a large number of customers and maintain a steady stream of revenue.

The casino continues to expand its operations and provide a high-quality gaming experience to its customers. This has allowed Resorts Casino Tunica to remain profitable even in competitive times.