Who Owns Lumiere Casino St Louis

Picture yourself in the bustling city of St. Louis, surrounded by the smell of fresh popcorn and the sound of slot machines. Suddenly, you look up and realize you’re standing in front of the Lumiere Casino, a magnificent entertainment center owned and operated by Penn National.

But, why has Penn National taken over the ownership of this popular casino? Let’s take a look at the ownership of Lumiere Casino and explore its amenities and revenues.

Key Takeaways

  • Lumiere Casino St. Louis is currently owned by Penn National Gaming, with previous owners including Argosy Gaming Company and Pinnacle Entertainment.
  • Ownership changes have occurred throughout the casino’s history, resulting in cost implications and legal challenges.
  • The casino has remained in operation throughout the ownership changes and offers a variety of gaming options, a luxurious hotel, and dining options.
  • Lumiere Casino St. Louis is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and has seen an increase in revenue in recent years.

Current Owner: Penn National

You may be wondering who owns Lumiere Casino St. Louis. The answer is Penn National, but that wasn’t always the case.

In fact, the casino’s ownership has experienced quite a bit of change over the years. Let’s take a look at the historical timeline of ownership for Lumiere Casino St. Louis.

Historical Ownership Timeline

Lumiere Casino has had several owners throughout its history. Each ownership change has had cost implications and legal challenges that the new owner had to address.

The casino’s first owner was Argosy Gaming Company, which purchased the casino in 1996. They owned the casino until 2006, when Pinnacle Entertainment bought the casino for $610 million.

Pinnacle operated the casino until 2013, when Penn National Gaming purchased the casino for $260 million. Penn National Gaming is the current owner of the casino.

The casino has gone through multiple ownership changes, but has managed to stay in operation since its opening in 1994.

About the Casino, Amenities

You’ll find Lumiere Place Casino in St. Louis, Missouri.

Enjoy a variety of gaming options, including slots and table games.

Plus, the casino offers a luxurious hotel and several dining options for you to enjoy during your stay.

Location: St Louis, MO

Located in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, Lumiere Casino is one of the city’s premier gaming destinations. Owned by Pinnacle Entertainment, this exciting spot offers you a chance to enjoy many dining options and local attractions.

Whether you’re looking for a classic gaming experience or some new and exciting games, Lumiere Casino is sure to provide you with the best in entertainment. There’s something for everyone, from slots and table games to poker and other games.

Plus, the casino is conveniently located near some of St. Louis’s top attractions, making it easy to find your way around. With a full range of amenities and entertainment options, Lumiere Casino is sure to be a great place to enjoy a night out.

Gaming: Slots, Table Games

At Lumiere, you can enjoy a variety of slots and table games. From classic favorites to new and exciting games, there’s something for everyone. Take your chance at mystery jackpots and experience the thrill of potentially winning big. If you’re looking for even more perks, you can join the VIP program for exclusive rewards.

When it comes to table games, Lumiere has all your favorites covered. Whether you’re a fan of Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, or Baccarat, you’ll find them all here.

Make your way to Lumiere today and try your luck at the casino. Whether you’re a seasoned high roller or just getting started, the friendly staff will be there to assist you and help you find the perfect game. With so many options available, you’re guaranteed to have a great time and who knows, you might even take home a big win.

Amenities: Hotel, Dining

Lumiere has everything you need for a great stay, including a hotel and plenty of dining options. The hotel offers a large selection of rooms and suites to meet your needs. Enjoy a meal at a restaurant, grab a drink at the bar, or take in the outdoor terrace. The casino also offers private event space for special occasions.

Cafe Outdoor Terrace
Restaurant Private Events

Current Revenues & Profits

You’re likely wondering who owns Lumiere Casino St. Louis and how it’s doing financially. Well, the casino is owned by Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc., a publicly traded company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The casino is doing quite well, bringing in a steady stream of revenue and profits through loyalty programs, entry fees, gaming revenue, and food and beverage sales.

Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. has been in the business of owning and operating casinos since 1994. Since then, they have developed a portfolio of properties across the United States, including Lumiere Casino St. Louis. In addition to Lumiere, they also own and operate other casinos such as Ameristar St. Charles in Missouri, and Belterra Casino Resort & Spa in Indiana.

Lumiere Casino St. Louis saw a 4% increase in revenue in 2018, and as of the end of the third quarter of 2019, they reported a 5% increase in revenue over the same period the previous year. This steady increase in revenue is a positive sign for Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc., as it indicates that the casino is doing well and is continuing to see profits.

The current profits for Lumiere Casino St. Louis are quite impressive. For the third quarter of 2019, the casino reported profits of $10.3 million, which is a 6.3% increase over the same period last year. This is a strong indication that the casino is doing well and is likely to see continued success in the coming years.

Overall, Lumiere Casino St. Louis is doing well financially. The casino is owned by Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc., and has seen steady increases in revenue and profits in recent years. The current profits are quite impressive, and it looks like the casino is in a good position to continue to be successful in the future.