Who Owns Harrahs Casino in Cherokee Nc

Imagine a weekend getaway to Harrahs Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina. You can take in the sights of the beautiful North Carolina mountains, enjoy the luxurious amenities, and even try your luck at one of their many gaming tables.

But who actually owns Harrahs Casino? The answer may surprise you: the tribal nation of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. With their impressive revenues and profits, this Native American tribe has established itself as a major player in the gaming industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, NC is owned by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.
  • The tribe fought legal battles to gain and maintain ownership of the casino.
  • The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians purchased the casino for $68 million.
  • The casino provides jobs for the local community and revenue for the tribe.

Current Owner: Tribal Nation

You may be wondering who owns Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, NC. The answer is the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.

The tribal nation has faced many struggles in the past to gain and maintain ownership of the casino. They have had to fight back against state and federal governments to preserve their rights to ownership, and their success highlights the importance of historical ownership struggles.

Historical Ownership Struggles

Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, NC has had a long history of ownership struggles. Legal battles and financial costs have been associated with the transfer of ownership, as the casino has been owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians since 1997.

Prior to this, the casino had been owned by Harrah’s and was managed by the tribe. The current arrangement was the result of a lengthy legal battle, which involved lawsuits, appeals, and negotiations. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians eventually bought the casino for a reported $68 million.

The tribe has since been able to operate the casino successfully, providing jobs for the local community and creating a source of revenue for the tribe.

Amenities of Casino

At Harrah’s Cherokee Casino, you can enjoy a variety of gaming options, entertainment venues, and dining choices.

With over 4,000 slots, 100 table games, and a live poker room, you won’t have trouble finding the perfect game to fit your style.

You can also enjoy live shows in the theater or grab a bite to eat at one of the seven restaurants.

With so much to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

Gaming Options

You’ll find a wide variety of gaming options at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. From traditional slots and table games to modern virtual gaming, the casino offers diversity in entertainment. Visitors can also take advantage of the more than $500 million in economic benefits that the casino brings to the region.

Game Type Games Offered
Slots Video Poker, Progressives, Reel Slots
Table Games Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker
Virtual Games Virtual Horse Racing, Virtual Sports

Entertainment Venues

You can enjoy live entertainment at the resort, including music, comedy, and more! Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and the cultural and economic impact of the resort has been tremendous.

Live music is a regular feature at the resort, with performances from popular artists in all genres, from country to jazz. Comedy shows are also regularly scheduled, and the resort hosts special events throughout the year. The casino’s entertainment venues also feature films, exciting interactive experiences, and more.

The economic impact of the resort has been significant, creating jobs and contributing to the local economy. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is an entertainment destination that offers something for everyone.

Dining Choices

Experience a variety of dining choices at the resort, from casual options to fine dining. Enjoy an outdoor seating area with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, perfect for a romantic evening.

There are plenty of buffet specials to choose from, packed with flavor and local favorites.

For an upscale dinner, sink into the lavish atmosphere of a gourmet restaurant.

And, visit the lively bar & lounge for a craft cocktail or appetizer.

  1. Outdoor seating

  2. Buffet specials

  3. Gourmet restaurant

  4. Bar & lounge

Current Revenues & Profits

Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, NC is highly profitable, generating significant revenues. The casino has been a major employer in the local area since it opened its doors in 1997. It offers free parking and employment opportunities for over 2,000 people. According to a report from the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Resort has reported an average gross gaming revenue of over $400 million per year.

Revenue (millions) Profit (millions) Year
350 75 2017
360 85 2018
430 100 2019
450 125 2020

The casino is owned by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation, a federally-recognized Indian tribe. The casino has been an important source of revenue for the tribe, providing much-needed funds for tribal programs and services. The casino has also contributed to the local economy, providing taxes and jobs to the area.

The casino has seen an increase in profits over the years, with revenues rising by more than 20% in 2020. The casino’s success has been attributed to its focus on customer service and a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and poker. The casino also offers a variety of entertainment options, from live music to comedy shows. The casino is also a major employer in the area, providing jobs for over 2,000 people.