Who Owns Grand Victoria Casino

You might feel like you’re walking on air when you enter the luxurious Grand Victoria Casino.

But who owns this sparkling gem? The answer is Equity Group, a multi-billion dollar corporation that acquired the casino in 2012.

Let’s take a look at the casino’s gaming options, current profits, and other interesting facts.

Key Takeaways

  • Equity Group is the current owner of Grand Victoria Casino, acquiring it in 2012.
  • The casino has undergone several ownership changes, including Hollywood Casino Corporation, Argosy Gaming Company, and Lakes Entertainment, Inc.
  • Grand Victoria Casino offers a variety of gaming options, including slot machines, table games, and poker tournaments.
  • The casino has been a major source of income for MGM Resorts International, with significant revenue and profit growth since 1997.

Current Owner: Equity Group

You may be interested to learn about the historical ownership timeline of the Grand Victoria Casino.

The Equity Group initially bought the casino in 1993, and they have remained the owners since then.

Through their ownership, the Equity Group has made various improvements to the casino, helping it to become one of the most successful casinos in the region.

Historical Ownership Timeline

Back in 1994, Grand Victoria Casino was established as a riverboat gambling house offering riverboat cruises in Rising Sun, Indiana. The original owners of the casino were Grand Victoria Casino and Resort, Inc., a subsidiary of the Hollywood Casino Corporation. The corporation held ownership until 1998 when the casino was sold to Argosy Gaming Company.

Argosy held ownership until 2001 when it was sold to Lakes Entertainment, Inc. Lakes Entertainment held ownership until 2006 when it was sold to the current owners, Equity Group. Equity Group has owned the casino since 2006.

Gaming Options at Casino

Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, Illinois offers a variety of gaming options for visitors.

Slot machines, table games, and poker tournaments are all available to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to try your luck on the slots or to compete in a high stakes poker tournament, Grand Victoria Casino has something to offer you.

Slots Machines

At Grand Victoria Casino, you’ll find a variety of slot machines to try your luck on. Whether you’re a fan of penny slots or a more experienced player looking to use slot strategies, Grand Victoria Casino has something for you.

With a wide selection of traditional slot machines, along with the latest innovations, you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you. From classic 3-reel games to the latest video slots, the casino offers a great variety of options to suit all types of players.

As well as the latest games, the casino also has a selection of progressive jackpots that offer great rewards for lucky players. With many bonus features, such as free spins, wilds, and multipliers, you can increase your chances of winning big.

So come down to Grand Victoria Casino and try your luck on the slots!

Table Games

If you’re looking for more traditional gaming, Grand Victoria Casino also offers a wide range of table games. You can play Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps, among other games. There are free play options available so you can test out the games before playing for real money. Plus, Grand Victoria Casino offers loyalty programs with rewards and bonuses for loyal customers.

Game Rules Max Bet
Blackjack 21 or less $250
Baccarat 9 or less $500
Roulette Single 0 $200
Craps Pass Line $300

Poker Tournaments

You can take part in exciting poker tournaments at this Grand Victoria Casino. Owned by the Boyd Gaming Corporation, the casino offers a wide range of tournaments, both for new and experienced players.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can find a tournament to suit your poker strategies. Before taking part in any tournament, all players must understand the tournament rules. The casino has a detailed list of rules outlining the buy-in, the blinds structure, and other important information.

The casino also offers a variety of different tournaments to choose from, such as Re-buy tournaments, High Roller tournaments, and No-Limit tournaments. To ensure a fair and exciting experience, all players must adhere to the rules. Whether you’re playing for fun or for serious competition, Grand Victoria Casino has something for everyone.

Current Profits of Casino

Discover how much profit the Grand Victoria Casino currently brings in. The casino, owned by MGM Resorts International, has been a major source of income for the company. Since it opened in 1997, the casino has seen significant growth in revenue and profits. Here are 4 key points to consider when looking at the current profits of the Grand Victoria Casino:

  1. Investment Opportunities: The Grand Victoria Casino is an excellent investment opportunity for MGM Resorts International. The casino has seen consistently high profits for the past two decades and is expected to remain a top performer for the company.

  2. Tax Implications: MGM Resorts International is able to take advantage of the local tax incentives for businesses that operate in the area. This has helped the casino stay profitable and has allowed the company to reinvest in the casino and its operations.

  3. Expansion Opportunities: The Grand Victoria Casino has seen a number of expansions in recent years. This has allowed the casino to add new games and amenities and increase its revenue potential.

  4. Diversification: MGM Resorts International has been able to diversify its revenue stream by investing in other businesses in the local area. This has helped the casino remain profitable and has allowed the company to increase its overall profits.

Overall, the Grand Victoria Casino has been a major source of income for MGM Resorts International. With its strong track record of success, the casino is expected to remain a top performer for the company in the future.