Who Owns Fitzgerald Casino Tunica?

Are you familiar with the famous Fitzgerald Casino Tunica? This renowned casino has had a rich history of owners, and today it is owned by Penn National.

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside this casino and how much money it generates? Come with us on a journey to discover the history, amenities, and current revenues and profits of Fitzgerald Casino Tunica.

Key Takeaways

  • Fitzgerald Casino Tunica has changed ownership multiple times since its opening in 1994.
  • The casino is currently owned by Gaming & Leisure Properties, Inc. (GLPI).
  • Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., Jack Binion, Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc., a group of investors, and Penn National Gaming, Inc. are some of the previous owners of the casino.
  • GLPI is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns, leases, and operates casino properties, including Fitzgerald Casino Tunica.

Current Owner: Penn National

You may have heard of Fitzgerald Casino Tunica; it’s a popular destination in Mississippi. But did you know that the ownership of the casino has changed several times over the years?

Penn National is the current owner, but it wasn’t always that way. Let’s take a look at the historical ownership transfers of Fitzgerald Casino Tunica.

Historical Ownership Transfers

Since its opening in 1994, Fitzgerald Casino Tunica has undergone several ownership transfers. Economic impacts have been significant for the region, with the influx of jobs and revenue it has brought. Social benefits have also been seen, with the casino helping to spur tourism and business in the area.

Initially, the casino was owned by Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., which acquired it from Jack Binion in 1996. Harrah’s sold the property in 2003 to Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc., who in turn sold it to a group of investors in 2005. The casino was then purchased by Penn National Gaming, Inc. in 2007.

Under Penn National’s ownership, the casino has experienced significant growth. Penn National has invested in upgrades and improvements to the property, and has seen increased business and revenue.

In the years since its opening, Fitzgerald Casino Tunica has been an important part of the region, bringing economic and social benefits to the area. Its ownership transfers have been indicators of the casino’s success, and have helped to bring continued growth and prosperity to the region.

Amenities of Casino

At Fitz Casino Tunica, you can enjoy a wide variety of games, dining options, and entertainment venues. Whether you’re looking for slots, poker, or table games, you’ll find them here.

You can also enjoy delicious meals from a variety of restaurants, or catch live entertainment at the venue.

In short, Fitz Casino Tunica has something for everyone!

Games Offered

You’ll find a variety of exciting games at Fitzgerald Casino Tunica, including slots, blackjack, and poker. From slot machines to table games, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest and keeps you entertained.

Here are 5 great games that you can enjoy:

  • Slot machines: With a wide selection of games, there’s something for everyone.
  • Blackjack: Enjoy the classic game of 21 and try to beat the dealer.
  • Poker: Test your skills against other players and see who comes out on top.
  • Roulette: Spin the wheel and see where it lands.
  • Craps: Roll the dice and see what luck brings you.

Whatever your game of choice is, you’re sure to have an amazing time at Fitzgerald Casino Tunica.

Dining Options

Experience great dining options right in the heart of Tunica at the Fitzgerald Casino. The casino, owned by Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc., has a variety of restaurants to choose from.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic American fare or a special treat, you’ll find something to fit your taste. Enjoy fresh food in a relaxed atmosphere with excellent food quality. Plus, there’s plenty of parking space, so you can come and go as you please.

Try the tasty sandwiches at the deli or indulge in some classic Southern cooking. Or, enjoy a romantic dinner at the steakhouse. For a unique experience, the Asian restaurant offers a variety of dishes to sample.

Whatever your craving, there’s something for everyone at the Fitzgerald Casino.

Entertainment Venues

Head to the Fitzgerald for some of the best entertainment venues in Tunica. Enjoy the casino floor, which has a wide variety of gaming options including slots, table games, and even a sportsbook.

There are also live music venues and comedy clubs, perfect for a night out. You’ll find that the Fitzgerald upholds all Gambling Laws and Taxation Policies, so you can feel safe and secure when spending time in the casino.

Plus, they offer a variety of promotions and rewards that make your visit even more rewarding. Whether you’re looking for some fun and excitement or just a relaxing night out, the Fitzgerald is the place to be.

Current Revenues & Profits

Gain insight into the current revenues and profits of Fitzgerald Casino Tunica as you explore the owner. The casino is owned by Gaming & Leisure Properties, Inc. (GLPI). GLPI is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns, leases, and operates casino properties. Fitzgerald Casino Tunica features more than 700 slot machines, a hotel with over 200 rooms, a variety of dining and entertainment options, and a historical riverboat.

The casino brings in significant revenue and profits, thanks to its well-known brand name, extensive range of services, and commitment to providing an enjoyable gaming experience. GLPI receives rental payments from its tenants and invests its funds in additional properties and projects. It also collects taxes from its properties.

Some of the primary sources of revenue for GLPI include:

  • Slot machines: The slot machines bring in a steady stream of revenue due to their popularity.
  • Hotel rooms: The hotel rooms offer a comfortable and luxurious experience to customers, which helps to increase profits.
  • Dining and entertainment: The variety of dining and entertainment options attract customers and increase revenue.
  • Historical riverboat: The historical riverboat adds to the charm of the casino, bringing in more customers and revenue.