Who Owns Edgewater Hotel a D Casino

Stepping into Edgewater Hotel and Casino is like walking into a bustling marketplace. Investment Group is the current owner of this popular Las Vegas destination. They offer guests a wide range of gaming options and provide a steady stream of revenue and profits.

Let’s take a closer look at the ownership of Edgewater Hotel and Casino.

Key Takeaways

  • Edgewater Hotel and Casino has had several owners throughout its history, with the current owner being an Investment Group.
  • The casino has experienced fluctuations in profits under different owners, with an estimated profit of over $1 billion since opening in 1986.
  • The ownership changes over the years include ITT (1998), MGM (2004), Harrah’s (2006), MGP (2011), and IGC (2016).
  • The casino offers a wide variety of gaming options, including classic and modern games, with competitive payout rates and generous bonus offers.

Current Owner: Investment Group

You might be wondering who currently owns the Edgewater Hotel and Casino. It’s owned by an investment group, but the property has had several other owners throughout its history. In fact, it’s been estimated that the Edgewater Hotel and Casino has generated a profit of over $1 billion since its opening in 1986.

Historical Ownership & Profits

Over the years, the Edgewater Hotel and Casino has changed ownership several times and has seen varying levels of profit. From its beginning as a nightlife and buffet dining haven to a more modern casino, the Edgewater has seen several different owners.

Year Owner
1998 ITT
2004 MGM
2006 Harrah’s
2011 MGP
2016 IGC

The Edgewater’s profits have been up and down throughout its ownership changes. In 1998, the casino earned $2.4 million in profits, but that number plummeted to $1.4 million just four years later. However, under the ownership of IGC, profits rose to $14.7 million in 2016, a new high for the Edgewater.

Gaming Options at Casino

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting gaming experience, the Edgewater Hotel and Casino is the place for you!

With a wide variety of table and slot games available, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste.

Whether you’re looking for a classic game like blackjack or roulette, or something more modern like video poker, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Plus, you’ll enjoy competitive payout rates and generous bonus offers, making your gaming experience even more rewarding.

Types of Games

Edgewater Hotel and Casino offers a variety of games, including slots, blackjack, and roulette. From prize competitions to slot machines, there’s something for everyone.

With hundreds of slot machines, you can test your luck in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for a few rounds of blackjack or a few hours of roulette, Edgewater has something for you. Different table sizes and variants mean that you can find the perfect game to fit your style.

If you’re feeling lucky, why not try your hand at one of the casino’s many progressive jackpots? With a wide range of games to choose from, you’re sure to find something to keep you entertained.

Payout Rates

At Edgewater, you can expect high payout rates across the board. Whether you’re playing slots, table games, or the Wheel of Fortune, you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth.

Plus, as part of the casino’s loyalty program, you’ll get even higher payouts than usual. You can also take advantage of the hotel’s promotions to maximize your winnings and hit the jackpot.

With the Edgewater’s generous payout rates, you won’t be disappointed. So come on down and try your luck, and you won’t regret it!

Bonus Offers

Moving on from Payout Rates, let’s talk about Bonus Offers at Edgewater Hotel & Casino.

They have a great Loyalty Rewards program that rewards you for every dollar you spend. You’ll also get access to their customer service team, who are always ready to help you get the most out of your stay.

What’s more, you’ll get exclusive offers on gaming, dining, and hotel accommodations. Plus, you can use your rewards to earn free nights or entertainment tickets.

All in all, Edgewater Hotel & Casino has plenty of great deals to offer their guests. So why not take advantage and enjoy the bonuses?

Current Revenues & Profits

You’re bound to make good profits from the Edgewater Hotel and Casino. The casino is owned by Edgewater Gaming LLC and is located in downtown Laughlin, Nevada. The hotel and casino features nearly 500 slot machines and a variety of gaming tables. It also offers a wide range of loyalty programs and special bonus offers. These bonus offers are designed to attract and retain customers, helping to generate more revenues and profits for the casino.

The Edgewater Hotel and Casino is well known for its generous bonus offers. For instance, customers can earn up to $100 in bonus money when they sign up for the loyalty program. They can also receive free spins on slot machines and free gaming chips when they play certain games. These promotions are designed to increase the casino’s revenues and profits.

The Edgewater Hotel and Casino also offers numerous discounts and specials. Customers can get discounts on food, drinks, and rooms when they book a stay at the hotel. They can also earn comp points for playing certain games. These comp points can be used to purchase items and services at the casino.

The Edgewater Hotel and Casino is an excellent choice for those who want to make good profits from the gaming industry. With its generous bonus offers, loyalty programs, and discounts, customers can enjoy a great gaming experience while generating revenues and profits for the casino.