Guide to Idaho Gambling Age: Casinos, Sports Betting & More

Idaho has strict gambling laws with varying age requirements for different types of wagering.

Casinos and horse racing betting are limited to individuals aged 21 and above, while lottery games and bingo allow those who are 18 years old and above to participate.

With over 20 brick and mortar casinos, Idaho offers a wide range of gambling options. However, online gambling is restricted and sports betting is limited to horse racing.

Despite these restrictions, the Idaho Lottery has made significant contributions to state programs. Pressure is now mounting to relax gambling laws, with lawmakers considering the liberalization of online gambling.

Key Takeaways

  • The legal gambling age in Idaho varies depending on the type of gambling activity, with 18 years being the minimum age for lottery games and bingo, and 21 years for casinos and horse racing betting.
  • Idaho has over 20 brick and mortar casinos, offering a wide variety of gambling options.
  • Sports betting is currently limited to horse racing in Idaho, as the state legislature has rejected calls to establish sportsbooks.
  • Online gambling, including poker, is illegal in Idaho, but many residents access offshore gambling services for online gaming.

Legal Casino Age in Idaho

The legal age to enter casinos in Idaho is 21 years and above. Idaho allows several different forms of gambling, with different age requirements.

For casinos, individuals must be at least 21 years old to enter. However, for other forms of gambling like the Idaho Lottery and bingo halls, the minimum age requirement is 18 years.

When it comes to sports betting, Idaho currently does not offer general sports betting, but wagering on horse racing is allowed. The state legislature has rejected calls to establish sportsbooks, and horse racing remains the only form of sports betting allowed in Idaho.

As for online gambling, Idaho does not have an integrated online gambling network, and the state government has resisted calls to introduce a state-run online gambling industry. However, many residents access offshore gambling services for online gaming, although the legality of these services in Idaho is unclear.

Overall, Idaho has a restrictive gambling law, but there is increasing pressure to relax these laws and consider liberalizing online gambling regulations.

Casinos Accepting 18 Year Olds – Bingo Option

Bingo halls in Idaho offer a gaming option for 18-year-olds. This provides an alternative gambling experience for those who are not yet 21 and can’t enter the casinos.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Bingo age requirement: Unlike casinos, where the legal gambling age is 21, bingo halls in Idaho allow players as young as 18 to participate.

  • Fun and social atmosphere: Bingo halls provide a lively and social environment where players can enjoy the game while interacting with others.

  • Affordable entertainment: Bingo is a relatively inexpensive form of gambling, with low buy-in prices and the chance to win cash prizes.

  • Variety of games: Bingo halls in Idaho offer a variety of bingo games, including traditional paper card games, electronic bingo machines, and themed bingo nights.

Overall, bingo halls offer a unique gambling experience for 18-year-olds in Idaho, providing an alternative option for those who are not yet of legal age to enter casinos.

Sports Betting Legal Age – Horse Racing Only

Players who are interested in participating in sports betting in Idaho can only do so through horse racing. Horse racing betting in Idaho works by placing wagers on the outcome of horse races. Bettors can choose from various types of bets, including win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, and more.

They can study the horses’ past performances, jockeys, trainers, and track conditions to make informed betting decisions. Horse racing betting in Idaho has several benefits. It offers an exciting and thrilling experience for fans of the sport. It also provides an opportunity for bettors to potentially earn profits if their predictions are correct.

Additionally, horse racing betting contributes to the local economy, supporting jobs and generating revenue for the industry.

Online Gambling Legal Age and Offshore Services

Idaho residents who wish to engage in online gambling often turn to offshore gambling services due to the lack of a state-run online gambling network. While online gambling is not regulated in Idaho, many residents choose to access offshore gambling websites to satisfy their gambling needs.

The legality of offshore gambling services in Idaho is in a grey area, as they operate outside of the state’s jurisdiction. However, the state government has not taken any action to crack down on these services. Advocates argue that online gambling regulations should be put in place to protect consumers and generate tax revenue for the state.

Despite the lack of a state-run online gambling industry, the popularity of offshore gambling services continues to grow in Idaho.

Poker Gambling Laws, Age, and Prohibition

Despite its prohibition, poker remains a popular form of gambling in Idaho. Many residents access offshore gambling services to play the game.

The poker legalization debate in Idaho has been ongoing. Advocates argue that poker is a game of skill and should be considered separately from other forms of gambling. However, the current legal code treats poker the same as any other form of gambling, making it completely illegal throughout the state.

Despite this, the impact of gambling revenue from poker and other forms of gambling cannot be ignored. The Idaho Lottery, for example, has contributed over $1 billion to state programs. These funds have benefited healthcare, schools, and local charities.

As lawmakers consider liberalizing online gambling laws, the debate over poker legalization and its potential impact on gambling revenue continues in Idaho.

Fantasy Sports Laws, Legal Age, and Regulations

Lawmakers in Idaho are currently reviewing regulations and legal age requirements for participating in fantasy sports. The growing popularity of fantasy sports has raised concerns about its impact on the state’s gambling industry. While fantasy sports are considered a game of skill rather than chance, it still involves the element of wagering. This has prompted the need for clear regulations to ensure consumer protection and maintain the integrity of the industry.

One of the challenges faced in regulating fantasy sports is determining the appropriate legal age for participation. Unlike traditional forms of gambling, fantasy sports are accessible to a wide range of age groups. Balancing the opportunities presented by fantasy sports, such as economic growth and innovation, with the need for responsible regulation is crucial for Idaho’s gambling industry.

Lottery Gambling Age Requirement

The legal age to participate in the Idaho Lottery is 18 years and above. Here are four key points to consider regarding the benefits of the Idaho Lottery and the impact of gambling revenue on local charities and schools:

  1. Funding for Education: The Idaho Lottery has contributed over $1 billion to state programs, including education. This funding has helped improve schools, provide resources, and support educational initiatives.

  2. Support for Local Charities: Gambling revenue from the Idaho Lottery has also had a positive impact on local charities. The funds generated have been used to support various charitable organizations, providing essential services and assistance to those in need.

  3. Economic Boost: The Idaho Lottery’s revenue has had a significant economic impact on the state. The funds generated from lottery sales have contributed to job creation, infrastructure development, and overall economic growth.

  4. Healthcare Initiatives: In addition to education and charity support, the Idaho Lottery has also allocated funds towards healthcare initiatives. These funds have been used to improve healthcare facilities, research, and public health programs, benefiting the overall well-being of the community.

Laws & Future of Gambling in Idaho State Legislation

Idaho’s state legislation is currently considering potential changes to the laws and regulations surrounding gambling. This comes as a response to the growing impact of gambling on local economies and the need to stay competitive with neighboring states. A comparison of gambling laws in Idaho and its neighboring states reveals some disparities. While Idaho allows participation in several different forms of gambling, including casinos, horse racing betting, and the state lottery, it does not currently offer general sports betting or online gambling options. In contrast, neighboring states such as Nevada and Oregon have legalized sports betting and have a more relaxed stance on online gambling. As Idaho lawmakers weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks, they are considering liberalizing online gambling laws to attract more revenue and keep pace with the evolving gambling landscape in the region.

Gambling Laws Idaho Neighboring States
Casinos Allowed (21+) Allowed
Sports Betting Not Allowed Allowed
Online Gambling Not Allowed Allowed

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Casinos in Idaho That Allow 18-Year-Olds to Gamble?

Yes, there are several casinos in Idaho that allow 18-year-olds to gamble. These casinos include Clearwater River Casino & Lodge, Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel, Bannock Peak Casino, Sage Hill Casino, and Coeur d’Alene Casino.

Is There Any Form of Sports Betting Allowed in Idaho Besides Horse Racing?

No, there are no alternative forms of sports betting allowed in Idaho besides horse racing. Online sports betting is also prohibited in the state, with no integrated online gambling network available.

What Is the Legal Gambling Age for Online Gambling in Idaho?

The legal gambling age for online gambling in Idaho is currently undefined due to its prohibition. Engaging in online gambling underage can have consequences, as it is illegal and may result in penalties.

Are There Any Legal Options for Playing Poker in Idaho?

There are no legal options for playing poker in Idaho. Online poker options are prohibited, and underground poker games are considered illegal under Idaho’s restrictive gambling laws.

What Are the Regulations and Legal Age Requirements for Participating in Fantasy Sports in Idaho?

The legal age requirement for participating in fantasy sports in Idaho is unclear. Currently, there are no specific regulations or limitations regarding online fantasy sports in the state. The popularity of fantasy sports is increasing in Idaho.