Biggest Casino in Illinois

Are you looking for the biggest casino in Illinois? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ll tell you which is the largest, what size it is, how much money it generates, and other big casinos located in the state.

So let’s dive in and find out which casino takes top spot as Illinois’ biggest.

Key Takeaways

  • Rivers Casino in Des Plaines is the largest casino in Illinois, offering almost 1,000 slot machines and over 50 gaming tables.
  • Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin is highly profitable, generating over $50 million in profits in 2019 alone, and features a wide variety of gaming options.
  • Illinois casinos provide unique experiences with live entertainment, fine dining, and thrilling games, scattered throughout the state.
  • Both Rivers Casino and Grand Victoria Casino offer a variety of games like blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette, with a large number of gaming machines and table games available.

Which Is the Biggest Casino in Illinois

The biggest casino in Illinois is the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. It’s one of the largest casinos in the state, with almost 1,000 slot machines and over 50 gaming tables.

There’s a wide variety of games to choose from, including blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette. You’ll also find several restaurants onsite, as well as live entertainment and music venues.

The casino also offers a luxurious hotel for guests who want to stay overnight or longer. Plus, there are plenty of other amenities to take advantage of like an outdoor pool, spa services, and a fitness center.

So if you’re looking for a fun night out or just want to try your luck at some gambling – the Rivers Casino is definitely worth checking out!

Size of the Casino?

Have you ever wondered how large the biggest casino in Illinois is? The Grand Victoria Casino located in Elgin, IL is the largest of its kind. It stands proud at an impressive 109,000 square feet and features over 1,100 gaming machines and 48 table games.

Emotion Description What You Can Do
Fear Feeling overwhelmed by the size of the casino Take a deep breath and start exploring one area at a time!
Excitement Imagining all of the possibilities this grand casino has to offer. Challenge yourself to try something new each visit!
Joyful Anticipation Looking forward to your next visit to Grand Victoria Casino. Make sure to book your stay in advance for maximum enjoyment!

Money Generated: Profitability

Generating big profits, Grand Victoria Casino offers a wide variety of gaming machines and table games that have made it a highly profitable business. Located in Elgin, Illinois, the casino entertains thousands of visitors each year who come to experience its bright lights and sounds.

With over 1,100 slots and almost 50 tables featuring classic games like Blackjack or Roulette, Grand Victoria is the biggest casino in Illinois. Its impressive revenues come from these popular amenities combined with live entertainment events and top-notch dining options. The combination has proven to be extremely lucrative for the establishment as well as its shareholders.

In fact, according to the latest financial report released by Grand Victoria’s parent company Eldorado Resorts Inc., the casino generated over $50 million in 2019 alone! This amount is expected to continue rising due to significant investments in infrastructure and expanding services offered by the facility.

Other Big Casinos: Locations

With its impressive revenue, Grand Victoria Casino is not the only big casino in the United States. There are many other casinos across the country that can be found in popular destinations such as:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • The Strip filled with neon lights and luxury casinos

  • Bellagio’s iconic fountains and high-stakes poker tables

  • Atlantic City, New Jersey:

  • Iconic Boardwalk with cool ocean breezes

  • World-renowned table games like craps and roulette

  • Tunica, Mississippi:

  • Home to some of the largest casinos on the Gulf Coast

  • Offering a variety of entertainment options for all ages.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you go, you’ll find a casino that offers something special. Illinois has some of the biggest and best casinos in the Midwest, with plenty of different gaming options to choose from.

While the biggest casino in Illinois is located in Des Plaines, there are several other large casinos scattered throughout the state. Each one provides guests with an array of exciting experiences, such as live entertainment, fine dining, and plenty of thrilling games.

Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town or just want to try your luck at a game of chance, these big casinos offer something for everyone. They’re sure to provide an unforgettable experience no matter what type of gambler you may be!